Welcome to the Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine Project

Dating simulations (ren'ai) are a type of computer game in Japan. The player controls a point of view (POV) game character who interacts with other game characters in the hopes of winning the love of one of them; so far all of these games are closed source, and none have been translated into English. The purpose of this project is twofold:

  1. To create an open source dating simulation engine on which dating sims can be played.
  2. To create an English dating sim game which will run on top of this engine.

The first release of the game will have these characteristics:

The deadline has passed for new story writers. No deadlines have been set for contributing artists, musicians and coders; art and music can be submitted as links in the art forum, and should ideally be in PNG or Ogg Vorbis format (though this isn't required for samples).

Project resources:

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