Character Draft (v2.1, 07/02/2001)
As discussed in #RenaiEngine and the Ren'Ai forums
Brought to you by the RABU RABU Special Software Development Team ^_^;;
AND Myerknas!

Written by: Opal_Armor, Pentarou, sunandshadow, and Yoten
Many, many thanks go to: Myerknas, #RenaiEngine, and of course, everyone working on the project!

[ Here's yet another draft of the characters in the dating sim. As such, it is still open to modifications, additions, deletions ... and even bickering over small details, if you like. Keep them ideas coming! –Pentarou ]

06/12) I've added a few items to Female Character #1. I haven't filled them in myself, but we will probably need these for all of our characters (so as to make the concept sketches easier to do).

06/14) If I had Visio, I would have made some kind of funky flowchart diagramming all the various relationships between characters. Obviously, I haven't done that, and I'm lazy. Maybe later. Also, I've changed some of the things from before (younger vs. older siblings, associations between characters, etc)

06/16) I have added sizes and a suggested appearance for each of the females (Much, much thanks to Myerknas on this portion), but this is, after all, suggested. It may not be necessary to follow these guidelines. ... Also, the males are coming later. I will probably submit this to Kisai when the males are done.

06/17) It has been suggested that 5 or 6 of each (male and female) is a better idea. It is a lot of writing, yes, but ... well, we will see, ne? I can understand, though, if anyone feels that four is a pretty small number of choices. Another suggestion has been to add in one of the female characters as extremely hard-to-get for replay value.

06/18) Hail all, this is Myerknas. I'm borrowing you other people's work here. I recommended enlisting [S1] to be our fifth for both protagonists, because it saves writing work and it's pretty effective. Anyway, I've included some more material--I'm aware that we need eye colors but I'm hesitant to make a recommendation before we've set on a hair color.

06/25) I, Opal_Armor, have taken the resposibility of mantaining this list while Pentarou is away. We revised the female characters physical descriptions. enjoy.

06/28) Males aperances have been updated. we need concept sketches now. you artists get crackin'!

07/04) Added Limlilian's male sketches and gave each character some after school activites and listed any clubs they might belong to.

Notes) Characters are always referenced by [X#]: X is the category (M male, F female, S support), # is the number. So, for example, [F2] refers to the Shy Girl.

Also, I have tried to balance the conventional and unconventional in the characters. For example, you may notice that the Peacock [M2] turns out to be self-centered, yet not arrogant, while the kung-fu girl is short and wears glasses. (Well, so does Naru Narusegawa, ... but we'll conveniently ignore that ^_~)

And finally, "Your age" is probably around 16-18. You are a senior in The High School. You may pick your gender, and play as either male or female.

Quick Assumptions:

  1. [F1-4] and [M1-4] are all in the same class as you are. Your Teacher [S7] is ... well, your teacher.

Things we Need:

  1. Names! We need to put names to these characters ASAP.
  2. Pairing character sketches to these characters (or even drawing new ones), but maybe that will come later.
  3. Backstory, and lots of it. Writers, we need more writers!
  4. Physical Descriptions. I'm not very good at this, myself. Sizes, blood type, zodiac sign, clothing.
  5. Other corrections, additions, &c. All of the new support characters (with the exception of Nichole and Wai) are my ideas more or less, and I haven't been in forum/IRC much lately, so I would definitely like to hear from everyone ^_~ [, standard port, #RenaiEngine]

A. Female Characters

  1. The Party Girl (Suggested name(s): Yuko)
  2. The Shy Girl (Suggested name(s): Manami, Nanami)

B. Male Characters

  1. The Relaxed Guy (Suggested Names: Shinichi)
  2. The Peacock (Suggested Names: Akira, Tetsuo)
  3. The Otaku (Suggested Names: Tetsuya, Takashi)

  1. The Poet (Suggested Names: Jiro, Etoh)

C. Supporting Cast

The suporting cast draft can be found at:

Appendix I: Notes, details, etc.

  1. Nationality/Ethnicity: There is no nationality/ethnicity. While certainly the characters may be drawn as if they were Asian/white/Hispanic/etc., it is not necessary to bring up nationality or ethnicity at all. It would be too much trouble, and in addition, we intend to create an international game. The same goes for the setting--while there may be a high school, and it may be in Somewheresville, it doesn't matter where the town is actually located.
  2. Another note on Nationality/Ethnicity: Hm ... well, if you folk want Japanese-ish characters, then so be it. Still, we don't need to mention the actual nationality and/or ethnicity of these characters throughout the game.
  3. School: The dating sim will be set in a high school. Not a university/college. In other words, the students are high school students. All of them? That's another question ;)
  4. Names: As you may have noticed, these characters do not yet have names. We need names.
  5. Character/concept sketches: Same deal here.
  6. Other major issues: None currently.

Appendix II: Generic Romantic Character Types

These are quoted verbatim from sunandshadow (Mare Kuntz)'s post on the forums. Extremely idealistic; most people will be mixtures of the various types.

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