Support Character Draft (v1.1, 07/11/2001)
As developed by Pentarou

    Written by:  Pentarou
    Thanks to:  #renaiengine (DALnet) & all you project folk ^__^

07/11)  Eh, a bit late...Just some more modifications and hammering out of things.  By the way, it has been suggested that the game have the ability to rename the characters--perhaps an option at the beginning of the game with a set of screens with a bio, a sketch, and a naming dialog?  I don't think the support characters require the same ability, though...just the main eight / nine characters plus yourself.

Added a couple of new names from Ashitaka (David Banz).  Personally, I'm a bit opposed to the name Ken, but I don't know, what do you guys think?  The others look good to me...

07/01)  Version 0.8... okay, so I said I was away, but I really wanted to take some time off and do this.  =)  I do have Sundays off...Expect version 1.0 to be completed next Sunday.

Anyhow, I will be adding shortcuts (links) throughout this file as time provides...if I can, I'll also clean up Opal_Armor's character draft and add in the anchors for the links as well.

Notes)  Again, we denote other characters via [G#] where G is the group, and # is the number (See the main character draft, which is being worked on by Opal_Armor).  I am splitting up the support characters now.

Also, you may find a list of Things We Need at the bottom of this page.

Main Characters - A Quick Reference

You.  Um, you.  You know, on the side, what would be kinda fun would be to have a multiplayer dating sim with netplay, where you can "compete" for the main characters and otherwise interact.  Oh, well, nevermind ^_~

Male Female
M1.  Shinichi, Relaxed Guy
M2.  Akira, The Peacock 
M3.  Tetsuya, The Otaku 
M4.  Jiro, The Poet
F1.  Yuko, Party Girl
F2.  Manami, Shy Girl
F3.  Tomoko, Practical Girl
F4.  Aki, Fighter Girl
1.  The Faculty [Tx]

  1. [T1] Librarian
  2. [T2] Teacher
  3. [T3] Principal/Headmaster

2.  Classmates [Cx]

  1. [C1] Classmate One, The Leader (Suggested Name: Ken [that sounds...American])
  2. [C2] Classmate Two, Joe Average (Suggested Name:  None yet)
  3. [C3] Classmate Three, Ebil Girl (Suggested Name:  Noriko)
  4. [C4] Classmate Four, Loudmouth (Suggested Name:  Yuki)
  5. [C5] Nichole, Cheerleader
  6. [C6] Your Friend (Suggested Name(F):  Hiroko, no suggested name for M yet)

3.  University Students [Ux]

  1. [U1] University Student One, Part-Time Lech
  2. [U2] University Student Two, Helpless Romantic (Suggested Name:  Aiko)
  3. [U3] University Student Three, Model Alumnus

4.  Other Characters [Ox]

  1. [O1] Wai
  2. [O2] Andante (Cat #2) ... (Alternative Names:  Piro, Tsubasa, Ping, etc etc)

Appendix:  Notes, details, etc.

  1. Names:  We need more names.
  2. Physical Description:  Same as before.
  3. Plot Path-Basic:  Probably need more information for most of these.  I'll be filling these in ASAP.
  4. Plot Path-Detailed:  Need everything here.  Backstory is not as important, unless it is seriously related to one of the main characters, and that is, of course, what the plot path is all about.  Again, you'll see these people a whole lot, but hey, they're not available.  ^_^
  5. Character Relations:  More detail would be nice.